We just know through the official twitter Nacho Vigalondo general details of Open Windows, his new film, which so far had not known anything but the information revealed today exclusively Screen Daily, and is very, very juicy .

Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey (yes, the same) star in the film these days Vigalondo conference in Madrid, who first made a film in English and apparently is a technological thriller with horror elements in the character of Wood Internet to find the whereabouts of an actress (Grey) who has been kidnapped by a guy who calls CHROD, played by English Neil Maskell (Kill List).

In the words of Vincent Maraval, head of sales at Wild Bunch, company promoting these days the project at the American Film Market, "'Open Windows' offers in real time and for 90 minutes, a tense and fast-paced technological thriller action horror , updating the key elements of the paranoid thrillers of the '70s through the current world environment and network computers. "

The film is produced by Wild Bunch, the Spanish Apaches Entertainment (The Impossible) and Antena 3, with participation of the producer's own Wood, Woodshed, EITB and Canal +.

'As in 'Blow Out', Brian De Palma, girl captured and the hero will have to use all available resources to find where the villain is and rescue her before it's too late," says Vigalondo to Screen Daily that qualifies the peculiarity narrative of the film: "The action will be followed through the screen of a laptop connected to the Internet, an approach that has excited us from the beginning. Something like this means going beyond high-concept movies (those based on the originality of a concrete idea) as Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield or Chronicle. Instead of simulating a home video camera, representing a computer we will personale. The movie screen becomes a computer and the viewer becomes the protagonist of this adventure'. 

The film uses 12 different types of cameras from webcams, subjective (type Go-Pro), tablets, phones, security cameras, satellite and 3D mapping as the producer commented Enrique Lopez-Lavigne.

Vigalondo met Wood during the Fantastic Fest in Austin last year, when first presented Extraterrestrial and which in 2007 won Timecrimes, a film that charms Wood: "I wanted to work with Nacho since I first saw ' Timecrimes' and his incredible short films. We met at the Fantastic Fest in Austin when I proposed this project, truly one of the most original and exciting films I've found. "


You haven't seen the last of Wilfred. FX has decided to renew the series for another season. The comedy has delivered solid ratings and has earned the support of the network. Co-star Jason Gann must be flipping in his dog suit!

Over the past few weeks, broadcast TV's been on fire. The four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) have been picking up and dropping shows with blinding speed. Now, it's time for their cable competitors to get in on the action.

Canceled: The latest shows to say 'bye-bye' >> According to TVLine, FX has renewed Wilfred for a third season. The comedy, which starsElijah Wood, will return with 13 episodes slated to run next summer.

Elijah Wood's Wilfred: What's it all about? >> FX's Executive Vice President of Original Programming Nick Grad also confirmed that the show is getting two new bosses. Reed Agnew and Eli Jorné will take over as showrunners, replacing David Zuckerman.

Grad released a statement saying, "David Zuckerman has done an amazing job adapting and reconceiving Wilfred for FX. It was his decision to step down from the [showrunner's] post, but we're very happy he is going to stay involved with the show. Both we and David have great faith in the ability of Reed and Eli to seamlessly step up and take over the reins. I have no doubt they'll do a great job."

FX boss talks Louie, Anger Management, Wilfred >> Wilfred is an American adaptation of the Australian series of the same name. It was co-created by Jason Gann, who also plays the title character in both versions. Production on the new season is scheduled to begin in the spring. The show is scheduled to return in June 2013.

The second season of Wilfred brought in an average of 2.63 million viewers a week. It also pulled a 1.71 in the target demo of adults 18–49. Apparently, that was enough to keep FX happy.

Are you a fan of Wilfred? Are you excited about Season 3?

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